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Tropical Fruit
Tropical Fruit
As leading Category Managers in tropical fruit, Greenyard Fresh UK continue to develop innovative sourcing and marketing solutions with the aim of driving awareness of core category products as well as moving niche products into more of a mainstream purchase. With varying seasonality's we travel the world, both identifying and working with the best growers from countries such as Brazil, Israel, South Africa, Peru and Turkey, as a means of sourcing these exciting and flavoursome fruits.



Juicy, sweet and fibreless fruits, which variety dependent, can eat with either a citrus like flavour or a perfurmed aroma. Greenyard Fresh import mangoes from Brazil, Peru, Puerto Rico, South Africa, West Africa, Israel and Spain

Did you know?

Mangoes have the highest daily consumption rate of any fruit around the World.



With it's soft texture and sweet flavour, the universally popular and versatile Kiwi fruit can either be enjoyed on it's own or added to fruit salads, smoothies or juices. Displaying either a green, gold or red internal flesh and containing tiny, edible black seeds, Greenyard Fresh UK currently imports kiwi from New Zealand, Italy and Chile.

Did you know?

A kiwi fruit contains two times more vitamin C than an orange. It is also rich source of vitamin E and K



Deliciously sweet with an edible skin and a smooth and almost syrup like internal flesh when ripe, fresh Figs are fantastic when either eaten on their own or baked and drizzled with honey. Greenyard Fresh currently import Figs from Turkey, Israel, India, South Africa and Spain

Did you know?

Since figs hold moisture in baked goods, pureed figs can be used as a fat substitution in recipes. Use half the amount of fig puree as you would use butter or oil.

Sharon Fruit


Sharon fruit have a thin, waxy, edible skin which is pale to reddish-orange in colour when ripe. The orange flesh is almost always seedless, has no core, and is void of any bitterness. It offers a sweet flavour with a crisp and succulent texture, and upon maturiing develops signs of black sugar spotting which delivers optimum eating quality.

Did you know?

Sharon fruit takes its name from the Sharon plain, the valley of the river in Israel where the fruit was bred, and is still widely grown today



Deliciously sweet with musky undertones and a soft, butter-like consistency, Papaya is now available throughout the year with souricng typically focusing on South Africa,  Jamaica and Brazil.

Did you know?

Otherwise known as Paw Paw, this fruit sometimes used to be referred to as a “tree melon.” 



Lychees are typically strawberry-red, rose or pinkish in colour. With a highly aromatic flavor, the flesh is sweet, juicy and distinctive. Greenyard Fresh imports Lychees from South Africa, Mexico and Israel.

Did you know?

Lychee (or Litchi) can be consumed fresh, in the form of fruit salads, or it can be used for the preparation of ice-creams, juices, jellies, jams, syrups and various refreshing beverages and tea.

Passion Fruit


Both hugely popular and verstaile, Passion Fruit typically has a purple skin which once opened contains a highly aromatic pulp supported by crunchy seeds. The skin becomes crinkly and dry looking when ripe, although some varieties give a sweet taste even when the skin remains smooth.

Did you know?

Passion fruit is a type of berry and grows on a vine similar to grapes!



Pomegranates are round in shape and dispaly a hard, shiny skin blushed with red or yellow. Inside, scores of edible little white seeds (arils) are held in jewel-like, ruby-coloured sacs filled with sweet, juicy flesh. Greenyard Fresh imports Pomegranates from Israel, Spain and Peru.

Did you know?

The city of Granada, Spain is named after the Spanish word for pomegranate, “granada.” The city’s heraldic device is the pomegranate.

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