Varieties -
Greenyard Fresh UK works closely with our growers across the World to source the best pears for our customers.



The most popular of pear varieties. With an easily recognisable elongated shape and deep green colour. It has a wonderful, light, sweet and juicy taste.



The most commonly grown variety of pear. A green elongated pear with a smooth green skin which turns yellow when ripe and ready. It’s seen by some as the “definitive” pear taste and it’s wonderfully sweet, juicy and aromatic.



Perhaps not the most aesthetically perfect pear, with a green bumpy skin that turns yellow upon ripening. The taste however far outweighs the slightly odd look, as it has a succulent and rich flavour. The fruit is best when ripened, which may take between 3 and 7 days at room temperature.



It has a large, round, almost dumpy shape. The skin can be green or yellow/brown often with a red blush. It has a creamy white texture and is far less gritty than some pear varieties. A superb caramel-sweet, juicy bite.



A native Portuguese pear. It is usually a yellow colour with a bright white flesh. It’s a firm crunchy refreshingly juicy and sweet bite.



One of the most striking looking pear varieties. It has a beautiful bell shape and freckled green skin with a deep red blush. Yet another pear thats green colour turns yellow when ripe. Sometimes the taste can range from quite bland to extremely sweet, certainly an acquired, almost perfumed taste.

Taylors Gold


Gaining popularity in the UK marketplace, this striking looking pear with a cinnamon/gold smooth russeted skin has a delicately perfumed, creamy, juicy and tender bite with a rich, sweet flavour.


Honey bees are regarded as the most efficient and most important pollinators of pear trees. This is despite the fact that pear flowers produce very little nectar, with bees primarily foraging on them for pollen.
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