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Greenyard is a grower of apples and pears, however along with our own production we source apples from many countries around the World, throughout the year; the key countries being United Kingdom, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, France, and Italy.

Our two farms in South Africa are managed through The Fruit Farm Group (TFFG) the first farm called Verlorenvlei is ideally situated at the edge of the Koue Bokkeveld region of Ceres which has ideal growing conditions for bi-coloured apples. Our second farm at Helderview, in Picketberg producing high quality pears and earlier apples earlier in the season.

In the UK Greenyard Fresh UK owns a concept orchard, located in Cambridgeshire. Working closely with our UK growers we are able to manage an orchard that is used to trial small quantities of new and existing apple varieties, the aim being to bring something different to the market in the future. These trials are carried out over many years.

Greenyard Fresh UK has established a joint venture partnership with top fruit grower 'Bardsley Farms' located in Kent. This provides us with state of the art grading and packing facilities, helping us to improve efficiencies in an ever demanding marketplace.
As with apples, Greenyard sources pears from many countries around the World throughout the year. Conference pear, which is the most popular variety is chiefly sourced from Holland and Belgium. Other varieties of pear come from the United Kingdom, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand, France and Italy.

Greenyard Fresh UK offers a range of pears that are “Ripe and Ready to Eat” The range is tailored throughout the year so that we are able to offer our customers the best eating varieties all year.

New pear varieties are also being developed at our concept orchard in Cambridgeshire in the UK.

For more information and help in growing your apple and pear sales, please contact us.
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