Meal Solutions -
Growers Pride & Meal Kits

‘Growers Pride’ is Greenyard's brand which was established in the UK in June 2016 and used by Greenyard Fresh and Frozen divisions. The brand is customer facing and shelf ready for:

- Retailers where 'own label' isn't an option
- line extensions and seasonal products
- Greenyard UK's Meal Kits, fruit and vegetable mixed boxes

Our brand stands for quality produce at an affordable price. The fruit and vegetables are procured to each customers requirements using the Greenyard Group’s extensive global growing and supply chain networks

Fruit & Vegetables

Growers Pride New Label

From PLU’s to pre-printed boxes, we have a range of branded labelling and packaging options.  We also have the ability to pack bespoke mixed items and can support store implementation with branded off fixture display solutions

‘Growers Pride’ is already on shelf with a number of retailers this includes whole head loose, prepacked and organic fruit and vegetables

Meal Kits


Meal Kits are Greenyards latest solution to 'What's for dinner'.  They incorporate whole head fruit and vegetables, sauces, herbs and spices with an easy to follow recipe card to make tasty family meals

Delivered in easy to merchandise recyled packaging the kits offer everything in one box - no waste

The Kits can be just vegetarian or to be used with meat or meat substitutes

Bespoke ranges can be developed and the sauces & spices adjusted to the retailers requirements

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