The Hass avocado is a variety with dark green, bumpy skin. It was first grown and sold by an amateur horticulturist from Southern California called Rudolph Hass, who also gave it its name. The Hass avocado is a large-sized fruit, when ripe, the skin becomes a dark purplish-black and yiels to gentle pressure.



The skin colour is green with many tiny yellow dots, becoming a slightly duller green at maturity. The skin is relatively smooth and it doesn't adhere to the flesh underneath, so it peels well - an important attribute for the consumer. The flesh is pale yellow, with a very good oil content. 



Pinkerton avocados have an elongated pear shape with green, slightly pebbled, medium thick, and easy-to-peel skin.  Their flesh is smooth and creamy, high in oil content, and houses a very small seed, and their flavour is nutty and rich.



The Ryan Avocado has leathery, roughish green skin. The fruit is pear-shaped with a large stone inside. It is a mix of Mexican and Guatemalan type avocados.

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