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Greenyard has our own production from South Africa with farms located in Mpumalanga & Kwazula Natal provinces, subtropical regions in the North East of the country, with fruit being available from April through to October. We utilise our sourcing expertise in the global search to find the best avocado at the right time of year. This quest takes us to Peru, South Africa, Chile, Israel and Spain.

For more information and help to grow your avocado sales please contact us.

Global Sourcing


 Our avocado operation features:

  • Own production alongside fruit partner relations
  • Long term strategic developments
  • Full crop procurement
  • Global Market access
  • Greenyard Group sourcing
  • CSR projects within all aspects of our business

Schagen Nursery ~ South Africa


Working with The Fruit Farm Group (TFFG) we have valuable access to new varieties, rootstocks, breeding material and innovative techniques within the local and global avocado industry.

  • Currently produces 45,000 avocado trees per annum
  • Third largest producer of cloned avocado trees in South Africa.
  • Vertical integration strategy, The Fruit Farm Group South Africa is now able to grow, produce, pack and market quality avocados for the global market

Full Crop Utilisation


To improve effeciencies and to help our growers we utilise the whole crop, this means taking

  • Class 1 & 2 fruit
  • The complete range of sizes

As well as Fresh avocados we can offer Frozen avocados through the Greenyard Frozen division. Please contact us for further information.

Our Services


Greenyard Fresh UK are specialists in ripening, recently having recently invested in further state of the art ripening rooms that provide us with an additional 160 pallet space capacity.

Our modern grading equipment uses NIR technology to provide optimum product selection.

We also provide a full packing, category management, and product development service to our customers.

The Greenyard Avocado Brand
Greenyard's avocado brand is called Katopé.

The brand scope ranges from ripen at home fruit, through to ripe & ready to eat, with various pack solutions available. We work closely with our customers to achieve the right packs for the consumer.

Katopé means avocado in the native Zulu language of South Africa.
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