Service Provision -

Service Provision


..with a state-of-the-art site in Spalding and Top Fruit Hub based in Kent via our Joint Venture partners Bardsley England

- £5.5m investment in the past 3 years
- Chilled and ambient storage
- Controlled & state of the art ripening
- Efficient and appropriate automation in packing areas



- Highly skilled workforce for fruit handling operations
- Experienced & diligent handling of broad range of fresh products
- SA Partners Lean Gold Accredited
- Authorised Economic Operator - C (HMRC Verified)

Netting Machine

Facilities Development



  • Full automation of filled crates 
  • Packing line upgrades
  • New refridgeration systems
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • New netting machine
  • Paperless QA control system

Ripening Rooms



  • 328 dedicated ripening pallet spaces
  • Combination of “forced air” and “pressurised” chambers
  • Bespoke pallet focused ripening not bulk volumes
  • CO2 venting reducing the potential for CO2 injury
  • Tailored ripening programmes based on respiration rates
  • End to end ripening management
  • Shared expertise across EU & USA
new ripening rooms.png
To ensure that we can manage the intake of goods shipped to us, maintaining product integrity is of the highest priority, please ensure we receive the relevant documentation as early as possible
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