Joint Venture

Bardsley Farms, Kent UK

Bardsley Farms & Greenyard Fresh UK
In 2016 we created a joint partnership with Kent fruit grower Bardsley Farms.

Significant investment has been made in their site including a state of the art apple grading machine Bardsley Farms are a fifth generation premium topfruit producer based in Kent with a long history of supplying the major supermarkets in the UK. Farming 420 acres of orchards, the business has a strong and well-founded reputation within the industry; such that it has resulted in a number of solid long term relationships, including supplying Tesco for over 25 years.

The link with Greenyard Fresh UK has been a result of strategic collaborations over the past two years. Managing Director Alan Forrester - “we were extremely impressed with the professionalism and quality of the operation as well as the support the business has given us over the past two years”.

Nigel Bardsley, who is Chairman of the Mid Kent Growers Association, as well as becoming Chairman of the new Joint Venture, stated, “with the changing nature of the UK topfruit market it makes total sense to pull together the two businesses, where not only is the thinking aligned, but the strengths of the two businesses will deliver a model which is unseen in the market place to date”

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