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Combining many years of agricultural, production, retail and trading experience, the marketing and business growth team has a unique understanding of the fresh produce industry. Our ongoing programme of market research and use of other external data sources drives insight, helping our customers to find the perfect product fit for their category. We pride ourselves in supplying solutions tailor made to our customers’ retail needs and have been first to market with a number of innovative ideas such as bespoke Halloween fruit packs, meal kit solutions, ‘Ziplok’ bags for grapes and on-fruit concertina labels. In short, Greenyard Fresh UK’s marketing and business growth team is ideally placed to supply the right produce to the right market at the right time.

Business Growth

Within Greenyard Fresh UK, business growth is seen to be the lifeblood of our future success. Our team interacts throughout our supply chain from our growers, technical, commercial, marketing and operations teams, providing innovative solutions for our customers. 

Our bredth and depth of business growth activities ranges from varietal development, packing solutions, category management, new product development to supply chain models.

We openly invite suggestions and ideas for business progression from all sectors of the supply chain.

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